Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Bill Richardson moving up in Iowa, New Hampshire

Gov. Richardson reads to kids last month in NH

TUCSON -- My long-time favorite for President in 2008, Bill Richardson, is moving on up with voters.

The Nation magazine says: "The action is with New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson."

"If the pattern holds, the New Mexican will easily overtake Edwards and could begin closing in on Obama by the time New Hampshire holds its first in the nation primary.

It is worth noting that, according to the polls, Richardson is now viewed as more experienced than either Obama or Edwards by the New Hampshire voters. His numbers are dramatically up in other categories, as well, especially on measures of trust -- the New Mexican now leads Clinton in this category.

Richardson's move into double digits in New Hampshire parallels his under-covered rise in the first caucus state of Iowa. While much of the discussion about recent polls from that state has focused on the news that Obama has moved narrowly ahead of Clinton -- they are actually in a statistical tie -- some of the most interesting movement in the first-caucus state has been toward Richardson."

More views on Richardson's rise from the Atlantic, Iowa, New Hampshire and Texas.


Jeneiene said...

The scuttle-butt now is not is who is the 'front-runner' but who is the 'second choice'. As a Kucinich supporter, my second choice is a firm and positive Bill Richardson. I've always held that a Edwards/Richardson ticket would be quite appealing, personally, and win-able, nationally.

Daniel R. Patterson said...

Perhaps with Edwards as VP, but he won't do that again.

Gov. Richardson has made it clear many times he's running for President, not VP, and he'd rather be Governor than VP.

Jeneiene said...

Of course he says that. He may say something else later.

Ron said...

I will support Edwards, because he is the most ethical and decent of all the presidential candidates from either party.

The VP has more power than many think and that should be evident with the current VP.

Richardson should not be too self-confident because he is unelectable as president now, he would be a good VP, then perhaps president after Edwards serves.

Registered Republican