Monday, November 12, 2007

Border Patrol attacks No Borders Camp protest

DHS agents riot against rights on the border

CALEXICO CA -- At the end of a week-long bi-national camp in the Sonoran Desert at the Calexico/Mexicali border west of Yuma, Border Patrol officers attacked a rally Sunday at the port of entry. Around 100 Border Patrol officers assaulted a group of about 30 demonstrators on the U.S. side and with pepper gas pellets, tazers, and batons. Several people were beaten and arrested; more suffered from the use of chemical weapons.

As people attempted to disperse, the border patrol chased and detained groups of them, forcing them to their knees with their hands on their heads. In one case, a person badly injured by pepper pellets shot at close range was pursued away from the conflict, pulled away from a companion wanting to treat his wounds, surrounded and beaten in the head with batons by up to 15 border patrol agents.

All who were temporarily detained on the street have now been released.

More than 500 people participated in the No Borders Camp during the week of November 7-11. The bi-national campout was billed as a networking forum for activists opposed to the militarization of the border. Previous No Borders Camps have taken place in Europe and Australia.

Activities during the camp included a rally and march on November 9 at the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention facility in El Centro CA and a memorial service on November 10 at a cemetery in Holtville CA where the remains of migrants who've died crossing the border are burred.

All activities during the camp were peaceful and intended to build connections across borders. Sunday's march was meant to culminate the border camp.

Today, as we remember veterans who fought for our freedom, we also condemn the attacks on our freedom by federal border agents.

- adapted from No Borders Camp


Ken Dreger said...

So, how stupid do you have to be to "Camp" on the Border between the USA & Mexico?

Please, maybe BP should of arrested all of these people for interfering with enforcement activities....

Please keep doing these really stupid things, they just show to America what idiots left wing socialists these people really are, it only does the other side good.

Anonymous said...

I live in Calexico and believe me, your blog is a lie. The agents did not attack the protestors. The crowd had their protest time but it got out of hand when people on the otherside of the border started throwing things at the agents. The agents started to break up the protest before the situation got worse. As a Calexico resident, I've seen how much drugs and criminal activity comes illegally across the border and I'm sick of it. The Mexican people should be more concerned about their own homeland rather than joining the busybody people from the left in attacking American sovereignty.

Anonymous said...

Yep....your blog is at worst a lie- at best misinformed. I have been a resident down here for quite some time, and spoke to some people that were present there during this incident.

As what tends to happen during protests, a couple of boneheads in the group of protesters got too rowdy (to put it politely), and the Border Patrol had to intervene before it got worse.

carmelo said...

Former Border Patrol Agent, I work with all these agents in Calexico. These guys made my life in possible while I was there all because I treated people with dignity and as human beens. This Border Patrol Station located in W Birch st is full of corrupted agents. Example, in the detainee processing center these agents used pictures of the detainees to post them along a counter on a bulletin board making fun of each one of the detainees. Like calling someone the caveman, the savage, and it was written on every detainees picture. But just like this other federal agencies, it just a matter of time before corruption comes out the surface. There are ways to control the crowd effectively and beating the crap of the innocents is not one of them. The governement needs to inspect this station and it's agents closely, specially senior agents with bad moral habits.

Andrew Calavan said...

This article is such a load of garbage. Customs and Border Protection agents keep terrorists and drugs like heroin from getting into our communities. There is a relatively new form of heroin called 'brown' heroin that cost $10 for a small 'dime' bag. Kids can buy it easily not knowing it's heroin. They sprinkle it on marijuana and smoke it. All it takes is one time and you're hooked.

Crap like that wasn't on the streets when I was younger. We need more agents to intercept shipments of illegal drugs before they get to dealers. All of that money goes back to the cartels and their power grows - power that goes INTO the USA. If we don't support BP agents and Officers and instead jump on the 'border patrol are bad guys' bandwagon then we are damaging the BP's image instead of being thankful for the hard work they do that we don't see.

Trust me - if they weren't there you would notice. Violent crime would skyrocket ALL over our country.