Saturday, November 10, 2007

Bush must end military aid to Pakistan's Musharraf

Threats to democracy: Musharraf & Bush

WASHINGTON -- I, like many people in the world, am deeply disturbed and outraged by the violent assault on democracy being waged by Pakistan's President Musharraf.

Musharraf has got to go, now. Unfortunately, he is still propped up by billions in US military aid.

The Bush/Cheney administration is not doing nearly enough to force the reluctant Musharraf to hold free and fair elections. Only a swift cut off in US military aid will apply the type of real pressure needed.

Musharraf the military dictator at war with his own people

Let's face it, Musharraf is a military man. A military man is primarily only concerned with military money, weapons, total control and aid. He will continue flip his middle finger at weaker US actions.

No one really believes Musharraf will hold free and fair elections in February. He knows he'll get crushed in a real election because most Pakistanis hate him, for good reason. If he refuses to step aside on Nov 15, US military aid should be cut off completely.

I'm not even sure what we're getting for our billions of taxpayer dollars going to Musharraf for the 'war on terror'. He's Bush and Cheney's buddy, which is not surprising because anti-democratic militarists seem to like each other, but under his rule the Taliban has taken over large areas of Pakistan in the interior of the country. Not a good change at all.

Musharraf is a terrorist to freedom and his own people. America must stop supporting him in any way.

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