Monday, November 05, 2007

Fitzsimmons puts on funny show for Tucson Dems

TUCSON -- Political cartoonist David Fitzsimmons put on a hilarious show today at the Democrats for Greater Tucson lunch meeting.

His quote of the day was, 'If you people can't get a Democrat elected President next year, you should all be euthanized.'

His best sketch of the day was of me, followed closely by Lute Olson.

Fitz is a great political cartoonist, and very funny live. His cutting candor on the state of the media is also right on.

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Jeneiene said...

He was hilarious! And, very sweet. He drew a woman's grand boy from a photo she had when she told DF that the little boy was sick today. That's class. Good show and great hard working and dedicated people.