Friday, November 30, 2007

Love Arizona desert rains, but too warm for snow

Cold season of the past in the Santa Catalina Range above Tucson

UPDATE, 12/2: Too warm for mountain snow in the Sky Islands of SoAZ. Mt. Lemmon got only rain, so much rain that it caused rock/mud slides and downed trees, and damaged roads, powerlines, etc. A more normal snow would not be so destructive. Arizona's global warming future is now.


TUCSON -- We've been enjoying a nice slow soaking rain since yesterday.

I've been especially enjoying the rain after our very hot and dry fall for late September, October and most of November, the hottest November on record, in fact.

Rain in the desert is always a respected blessing. We can't live without it.

Our cistern is filling. The chickens are scratching in the mud.

Look to the top of Frog Mountain tomorrow for possible snow.

Thanks for the water that gives us life.

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