Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Protesting students change migra policy in a day

Students activate for civil rights

UPDATE, 11/9: Channel 4 story, Daniel Patterson supports the new (TPD) policy. "Students should be able to get an education. We need to keep Border Patrol out of our schools."

TUCSON -- I give a special positive salute to the hundred or more students from Catalina High who changed local immigration policy yesterday by protesting TPD and Border Patrol actions against undocumented students at TUSD schools.

TUSD, TPD and Border Patrol made the right decision after the protest to avoid immigration crackdowns at Tucson schools. Schools must be a safe place for learning for all, not a place for heavy-handed arrests by federal agents.

In other news in the city elections, big congratulations to our new Democratic city council members, Regina Romero and Rodney Glassman, and re-elected Shirley Scott and Republican Mayor Bob Walkup.

The council has some big work to to, including more TPD oversight and accountability, and a real water and growth plan with teeth and limits, that will protect and improve quality of life.

In Golden, Colorado, near Denver, my friend Jacob Smith was elected Mayor. That's great news for his growing western town.

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AZW88 said...

This incident has gotten blown way out of proportion. This was not a case of TPD, INS/Border Patrol and TUSD conspiring to deport students in some massive raid on school.

This was a case of a student breaking the law and the entire family getting hit with the consequences. Substance abuse has a nasty way of doing just that.

The student broke the law, procession of drugs on or within 300 feet of a school is a crime. He was arrested and his parents were called to the school, a standard procedure. When the parents could not provide valid ID proving they were who the said they were, another standard procedure, they told the officer that they were breaking the law. (in essence, they ratted themselves out.) Using his discretion, the officer contacted the Border Patrol, and they did their job.

This kid learned a valuable, but hard lesson. Breaking the law can have some unintended consequences. Sometimes the entire family pays, as they did in this case. I bet numerous families that are here illegally are now telling their kids that they had better not get into trouble.

Maybe this incident wil do a little bit to keep drugs out of our schools.