Saturday, December 22, 2007

Happy solstice; Dem future needs less 'blue dogs'

Northern lights

TUCSON -- In the northern hemisphere, today is the shortest day and longest night. I can feel it here in Tucson as it is quite cold this morning with ice on the water barrel.

Welcome back, sun. With our good fall rains it seems we'll have a rich season for annual plant growth and wildflowers later this winter and spring. Good news for wildlife, and desert lovers.

Interesting political column in this weekend's Washington Post about the future of Democratic control in America. More good news, as long as we have less 'blue dog' Dems in the future.

The 'blue dog' conservative Dems in Congress, including Giffords and Mitchell of Arizona, hosed America again this week with bad votes to spend big and give Bush/Cheney $70,000,000,000 (billion) more for the failed Iraq war. Shameful.

I am proud to say my Congressman, Raul Grijalva, got it right and again voted against Bush's war.

Today we will celebrate the return of the sun, and think less about politics over the holidays.

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