Friday, December 21, 2007

NOLA housing should be lived in, not wrecked

People need housing now

TUCSON -- I've been following the news from New Orleans about the controversy over government moves to bulldoze housing for at-risk people.

The government should get new housing built, I agree, but don't tear down a place so fast when people in need want to live there, and maybe even fix it up.

It makes no sense to bulldoze public housing when people are living in the streets. There are many homeless people still in NOLA after Hurricane Katrina.

I'm on the side of the vulnerable people of New Orleans here. Until everyone has a home, homes should not be destroyed.

Tucson and other Arizona cities would be wise to offer more basic housing for homeless people, like New York and other places are. Housing is far more compassionate, humane and will even save taxpayers' money when compared to our expensive current 'jail and hospital' approach.

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