Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Seattle pays victims of 1999 WTO police attacks

Seattle forced to pay for attacks on non-violent WTO protesters

TUCSON -- The City of Seattle has paid about $3600 each to nearly 500 victims of unjust government aggression and brutality -- including some Arizonans from the Sonoran Justice Alliance -- during the fall 1999 'Battle in Seattle' protests against the World Trade Organization (WTO).

Following orders from WTO bootlicking politicians, Seattle police attacked and unjustly arrested people just for being on the street, and held them in jail for several days.

In the end, Seattle's extreme unconstitutional police crackdowns didn't work.

The WTO was shut down, shamed and had to sneak out of Seattle with its tail between its legs. Most people in Seattle and worldwide cheered the protesters as heroes.

The WTO hasn't been the same since, and now meets on islands controlled by brutal dictators.

The money does not make up for the suffering of abused protesters, but least now there is some bit of justice for those who had their rights violated.

I'm sure the WTO will never try to meet in Seattle again.

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Jeneiene said...

In contrast to the police actions the day before, we actually were not attacked when we got arrested(those of us in the Westlake Settlement Suit). We peacefully sat down at Westlake Park in Seattle and refused to leave when ordered to do so by the police. Later on in the King County Jail...that's another story.