Thursday, January 03, 2008

AZ & NM wise to join CA pollution case vs. EPA

Long fight against polluting automakers: 1954 smog protest in Los Angeles

TUCSON -- Arizona, New Mexico and other states are moving smartly to join California's new lawsuit against EPA to allow states to regulate global warming pollution from automobiles.

New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson said his state joined the lawsuit because the federal government is showing a lack of legal and moral leadership when it comes to climate change.

"The states will not stand by and do nothing while the EPA fails to protect the health and welfare of this nation's citizens," Richardson said.

Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano said, "We will continue to move forward and will continue to work with California and the other states because, quite frankly, it's appalling that the EPA continues to stand in the way."

Global warming and related climate change is a big threat to the southwest, where it is likely to keep getting hotter and drier, adding severe stress to energy systems and water supplies. In Arizona, 2007 was the 7th straight year of drought, and 9th straight year of above normal temps.

Bush/Cheney EPA head Stephen Johnson is a disgrace to our nation, and ignoring the Supreme Court. Johnson should resign now. Bush/Cheney EPA = Environmental Pollution Agency.

I'm sure there is another job waiting for Johnson as a pollution lobbyist, through the revolving door between government and industry in Washington. At least then dirty big oil and the failing Detroit three would be paying him, instead of us suffering taxpayers.

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