Monday, January 21, 2008

Big positive crowd today enjoys MLK celebration

King legacy inspires in Arizona

TUCSON -- Thousands of people turned out on a beautiful day in Reid Park to celebrate unity, hope and the life and work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

I was honored to have a chance to take the stage and speak about equality and justice with the people this morning as a candidate for State House in LD29. I appreciated the warm response from voters.

I wore a suit and tie to show respect for Dr. King, and to look sharp as a candidate for office.

The vibe, music, MCs, speakers, people, food, kids, organizations and churches were all great.

Judging by all the signs, stickers and buttons, Barack Obama looked like the clear favorite of most people there today. The Obama table was very active all day.

I also saw an Obama campaign ad today on Channel 13.

Clinton's campaign had no presence at all.

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AZW88 said...

Clinton doesn't have much of a presence in Arizona at all.

She is either taking us for granted or just doesn't care about AZ, focusing on other state with more delegates. Obama is taking more of a broader strategy, realizing that the race is a marathon.

I expect Edwards to drop if he does poorly in South Carolina, and the polls seems to indicate that he is a distant 3rd. If he props out, my guess is that he will through is support to Obama. That could make it interesting.