Saturday, January 05, 2008

Edwards wins as angry Clinton falls in NH debate

Manchester NH

UPDATE, 1/9: Clinton wins NH. We're in for an exciting primary season all the way to Feb 5, and maybe beyond.


TUCSON -- As I watched the ABC 'Final Four' Dem debate tonight from New Hampshire, Sen. Clinton seemed to further fall from grace.

For much of the debate she seemed overly angry and defensive, which will not help her win more support. Toward the end she calmed down, but the damage was done.

Richardson got a lot more time than before, and generally did well, although probably not good enough to get a huge boost from this debate. He made some good points about executive experience, and had the moment of the night after a Hillary rant with his joke about witnessing more civility in hostage negotiations.

Obama was smooth and calm, and made no major mistakes, although his 'you're nice enough' remark was unneeded and kinda rude.

John Edwards seemed most on target and energized. Both he and Richardson are counting on capitalizing on Hillary's slide.

Overall I score tonight's debate as: 1. Edwards, 2. Obama, 3. Richardson, 4. Clinton.

I liked how the local reporter was more aggressive with his questions than Charlie Gibson. Gibson did fine, but could've done a lot better job cutting off long rambling responses from all candidates. How about a visible timer with green, yellow and red lights, like at city council meetings, so speakers know exactly when to wrap it up?

Any of these Dem candidates could win, and would be much better than Bush or any of the Republican candidates.

But they all look tired and should take the day off and rest Wednesday.

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Greg said...

Very good analysis and right on the money...I think you saw the debate just as I did..Nice post