Saturday, January 05, 2008

AZ GOP budget plan cuts deep & wide; Dem plan?

State Sen. Bob Burns (R-Peoria)

UPDATE, 1/9: Govs. budget fix plan supportable, Linda Valdez, AZR


PHOENIX -- Maricopa County Republicans state Sen. Bob Burns and Rep. Russell Pearce proposed big state budget cuts yesterday.

After a quick read, I possibly could support some of their recommended cuts, including:

international trade office, $700k
greater AZ development authority, $2M
new Yuma welcome center, $2.8M

Most of the other GOP cuts are questionable, and the slash to education, job and health programs is unacceptable.

I hope the Dems in the Legislature will also advance a budget plan soon.

At least now Arizona has two plans on the table. To protect the public-interest, Dems and the Governor will have to hang tough against the Republican hackers.

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Mariana said...

money, money, money...

I posted this other places ( please disregard if you already read it) but it is serious proof that education needs money