Monday, January 14, 2008

Honest Chief, fired by Bush, returns to police force

Honest Chief Teresa Chambers

WASHINGTON -- Teresa Chambers has become the new Chief of Police for Riverdale Park, a town in Prince George's County, Maryland. Chambers, a 30-year law enforcement veteran was the former Chief of Police for Durham, North Carolina, and was the first female Chief of the U.S. Park Police.

In 2004, political appointees within the U.S. Interior Department, which includes the National Park Service and the U.S. Park Police, removed Chief Chambers for answering honestly questions from the Washington Post about understaffing in the Park Police and the consequences for public safety.

Her legal challenge to that action, which has significant relevance in Arizona and nationwide, is now awaiting a ruling from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit.

Chief Chambers issued the following statement upon taking over her new duties:
"The honor of having been named as the new Chief of Police for the Town of Riverdale Park does not alter the vigorous pursuit of legal challenges seeking redress for actions taken against me as the Chief of the United States Park Police. One of the factors I considered in accepting the position as Chief of Police in Riverdale Park is the appreciation expressed by Town leaders for the values of honesty and integrity in public service, values that I will continue to uphold.

While the wheels of justice in my case continue to turn slowly, it is time for me to pin on a badge and get back to my profession - law enforcement. I am grateful to the Town of Riverdale Park for providing me that opportunity, and I look forward to being fully engaged as the town's Chief of Police."
"We are delighted that Chief Chambers is back in law enforcement just as we are sure that she will prevail in her case against the Interior Department," stated Jeff Ruch, the executive director for Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER) which is spearheading Chief Chambers' legal efforts.

- adapted from PEER


Ron said...

This is good news.

PEER had done an honorable service by helping in this 3-4 year struggle to regain Chief Chambers’ unfairly and unjustly tarnished professional reputation.

Officer Thomas A. Porter D.P.O. said...

January 19th, 2008 - Saturday

It is wonderful news to know that Riverdale Park, Maryland has Chief Teresa C. Chambers as their new Chief of Police. She is the most outstanding Chief of Police in America today. Citizens of Riverdale Park, Maryland should know how blessed they are to have such a skilled, qualified, highly educated professional Chief of Police serving their town. I know the Officers that Chief Teresa C. Chambers has under her will be rewarded greatly by her knowledge, leadership skills and 30 years of professional law enforcement experience she has to bring to the Riverdale Park Police Department. It is another historic moment in Law Enforcement, we can all be very proud to have Chief Teresa C. Chambers and Officers serving and protecting the citizens of Riverdale Park, Maryland with the highest degree of integrity and respect. May your years as Chief of Police for Riverdale Park Police Department be a rewarding and a shining example for all other Police Departments to follow by your example Chief Chambers. I salute you and your officers for the unselfish acts of protecting and serving the community and it's citizens of Riverdale Park, Maryland.

Sincerely Yours,
Officer Thomas A. Porter D.P.O.
Retired National
Outreach Chairperson
National Paralyzed & Disabled
Police Officers Association