Sunday, December 30, 2007

Iowa: Vote Bill Richardson in caucuses Thursday

Richardson remains my choice for President

TUCSON -- I send this message to my fellow Americans in Iowa, and ask you to support Governor Bill Richardson for President.

As a Governor and the candidate with the deepest most relevant experience, Richardson is the most electable Dem.

He has the best energy plan, is firm on getting our troops out of Iraq right away, and is even solid on second amendment gun rights.

I've worked with Governor Richardson on public-interest issues in New Mexico, and he's been trustworthy and responsive.

As one of the most influential Democratic bloggers in the west, I urge Iowans to caucus for Bill Richardson Thursday night.


Ron said...

As a Republican, I will vote for a Democrat in the next election given the extremely poor choices running for my party. The 2 Democrats I will support are Edwards and Richardson, preferably in that order. My only reservation involves their choice for a VP if they were not running mates. My greatest concern is that of Ms. Clinton and the tag-a-long “baggage” she would bring getting anywhere near the White House again.

This country primarily needs a return to decency and integrity in the next president. These men have additional skills and knowledge that will provide the best chance of returning the United States to the power and world respect that it once had.

Jeneiene said...

As I've been saying for months, I'm placing my bets on a Edwards/Richardson ticket. That would be the best combo platter we've had in many years.

Eli Blake said...

I agree with you about Richardson. He is the most qualified. I've known him for 24 years (since he was my congressman).

What bothered me from day one though is that the national media annointed Clinton and Obama as 'frontrunners' even before they became candidates.

Of course that led to them getting the most press, which led to them having the most name recognition (which is the only reason Edwards muscled his way as close as he did), which led to their early polling lead, which led to them raising the most money, and so the cycle goes.

I wouldn't rule out Richardson pulling off a big surprise tomorrow though. I think he does have a chance to do so.