Wednesday, January 09, 2008

News reports say Richardson will end campaign

Thanks, Governor Richardson, for the great effort and positive issues-focused campaign

UPDATE, 1/10, 2pm: Richardson's 'thank you' speech.

UPDATE, 1/10, 11am


SANTA FE -- It is being reported that Gov. Bill Richardson will end his bid for the White House.

If true, I am bummed to see him go, but it is probably a wise move.

Returning to the great state of New Mexico as full time Governor must seem very attractive to Bill after the punishing campaign road.

If he leaves the race, watch for Richardson to eventually support Obama, as he did in Iowa.

Gov. Richardson may also emerge as the smartest VP choice for the Dems.

I've been strongly backing Richardson, but if he officially ends or suspends his campaign Thursday, I will likely move to Obama or Edwards.


khphx said...

I like him for Secretary of State.

Jeneiene said...

OMG, I was JUST telling Daniel that this evening...that I bet Richardson will be picked for Secretary of State. Do you think Kerry is angling to be vp? So many tea leaves to read, so little time.