Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Progressive Pima Supervisors make 2 good moves

In charge: Richard Elias, Pima Supervisors Chairman

TUCSON -- Yesterday was a big day politically for Pima County government, and I'm happy to report good decisions were reached.

On human rights, after hours of hearing oppostion from the community, the Pima County Board of Supervisors suggested that Pima County Sheriff Dupnik withdraw a proposal to deputize US Border Patrol agents (agreement resolution 2007-331) and return with a version that addresses some of the concerns made by the community.

In other words, humanitarians won this battle against the growing US police state, but this likely isn't over.

Given the immoral anti-immigrant wave that many state, local, and federal agencies are riding, the Sheriff's proposed deal with Border Patrol should not come as a surprise. Society has seen, over and over, what the results of such policies are by witnessing the harassment of our friends, family and allies in Metro Phoenix and Maricopa County.

Attempts to push such resolutions proves just how vigilant our communities must be, as the resolution was initially set for the consent agenda, and could have been passed without community input had the Derechos Humanos Coalition, Border Action Network and others not found out and raised the alarm.

Tuesday's action before the Board demonstrates that the Pima County community will not be careless and silent, but will continue to raise awareness and challenge injustices.

The presence was truly powerful, and it's been reported that there were more letters, e-mails, and phone calls in opposition to this resolution than can be remembered.

On election integrity, the Pima County Board of Supervisors voted to drop its appeal of the Democratic Party’s public records lawsuit and to comply with Judge Michael Miller’s order to release the electronic voting database of the 2006 Primary and General elections.

After considerable public comment from a packed hearing room, the Board wisely voted to go beyond the judge’s order and release records of the 2006 RTA election as well.

“This decision is a victory for open government and transparency in our elections,” said Pima County Democratic Party Chairman Vince Rabago. “We applaud Chairman Elias and the individual Supervisors for taking this important first step by releasing these public records. The decision was a good one and begins the process of restoring public confidence in elections in Pima County We look forward to working cooperatively with the County and all political parties in fulfilling our statutory oversight role."

Pima County isn't perfect, but yesterday's wise decisions made me proud to live and be politically active here.

- adapted from CDH and Pima Dems

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Anonymous said...

A land that does not enforce its laws is not a country I want to live in! Yes there needs to be a balance, but the real problem here is the countries like Mexico and other central American countries whose governments FAIL there citizens, and force them to press north!

If you want to come to this country, fine do it legally, we all welcome legal immigrants, we want you to assimilate into our culture and be part of the American fabric!

We just do not need 20 million of the poorest that other countries have to offer! Those countries need to stand up and take care of there own, we also need to take care of our own! We have thousands of US Citizens without health coverage, that go unfed every day, that drop out of school each year! Lets take care of our house, then go to the neighborhood and help!

We also must enforce punishment for employers who hire cheap labor, and treat them like slaves of the 21st century!