Monday, February 25, 2008

Anti-conservation Rs hating compromise ORV bill

Trish Groe complaining

PHOENIX -- As reckless off-road vehicle use increasingly harms Arizona's landscapes, waters, wildlife and private lands, two anti-conservation Republicans want to kill a bi-partisan compromise bill that would help provide better management of the problem.

Unwise LD3 Lake Havasu City Republicans Sen. Ron Gould and Rep. Trish Groe vow to kill the compromise bill supported by off-roaders and conservationists.

The bill , HB 2753, is sponsored by Rep. Jerry Weiers, R-Glendale, who chairs the Natural Resources and Public Safety Committee.

“I’m not sure I’ve ever seen legislation that enjoys the support of both the NRA and the Sierra Club at the same time,” Weiers said in a release issued by the Arizona Game & Fish Department.

“The Arizona Game and Fish Commission is in full support of this legislation,” said Commission Chairman William McLean. “Irresponsible OHV use hurts wildlife, wildlife habitat, hunting, fishing and all of outdoor Arizona. We simply need to see this legislation passed.”

More than 40 senators and representatives are named as co-sponsors of this bill, which Weiers said is the best sign that it’s possible this legislation will pass this session.

But Gould and Groe aren't trying to help solve Arizona's problems, they are trying to block progress and solutions to protect the common good and enhance stewardship.

One more good reason for LD3 voters to boot Gould and Groe.

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khphx said...

Isn't that a photo of Trish Groe crying when she had to go to rehab?