Monday, February 11, 2008

AZ Republican Shadegg will retire, fearing Lord

Shadegg: Another one bites the dust

UPDATE, 2/22: Shadegg flip-flops, saying he now will stay. Watch for this resignation stunt to be one more reason voters toss him out in Nov.

PHOENIX -- Rep. John Shadegg (R-AZ3) will announce this evening that he will retire from the House upon the conclusion of his current term, according to a well-placed Republican source.

Shadegg is announcing his retirement a little more than one year removed from his campaign to be House Minority Whip, which he lost to Rep. Roy Blunt (R-MO). Shadegg also sought and lost out on the Majority Leader post early in 2006.

Shadegg holds the GOP-leaning suburban Phoenix 3rd district and was facing a challenge from attorney Bob Lord (D). Democrats have been high on Lord, and were viewing Shadegg as a potential target depending on how Lord performed in the early stages of the campaign.

Lord has been successful on the fundraising front, but Shadegg had done even better, and seemed prime to run for an eighth term. Shadegg raised more than $1 million last year, to close 2007 with $864,000 in the bank. Lord raised more than $600,000, to close the year with $503,000 on hand.

Shadegg -- notoriously anti-progressive and anti-environmental -- is the 29th House Republican to announce he will not seek another term.

It is not immediately known whom Republicans may run to try to succeed him.

- adapted from Roll Call


Anonymous said...

Rumor has it Shadegg's CoS, Sean Noble has an eye on the seat. Rumor also has it that Noble fears that Dean Martin may run for the seat. Despite these rumors, I can't believe Shadegg is going to retire, no matter how many Republicans are getting out of Congress at the end of this session.

Anonymous said...

Nevermind, you're right and I'm wrong. Here's the proof: and

Daniel R. Patterson said...

Shadegg may be looking at McCain's US Senate seat.

Anonymous said...

He has been considered virtally a shoe-in for McCains seat. But he would not need to announce he's not going to run for his House seat if that were the case.

I'm pretty sure McCains seat won't be up until 2010.

AZW88 said...

actually, he needs to make himself readily available to be appointed to the Senate seat if it comes open. Remember, the republican party will give 3 names to the guv to consider for the seat, but all she must do is appoint someone from the same party as McCain.
His resignation makes it easier for the party to get someone decent in their eyes ready to run

Maybe this resignation is a sign that McCain has said he might resign his senate seat.