Friday, February 01, 2008

Mark Udall brings Senate campaign to hometown

Mark Udall for Senate

TUCSON -- US Rep. Mark Udall (D-CO2) was here yesterday talking with people and raising money for his Senate campaign.

I was there at the midtown event, and it appeared he did well.

Mark is the son of legendary former Arizona Congressman Mo Udall, and was born and raised in Tucson.

He was welcomed by Dr. Andrew Weil, Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ8) and also praised by Tucson Mayor Bob Walkup (R).

Walkup also mentioned his recent 'date' with Giffords in DC where they had dinner and talked about effluent.

I appreciated the nice 'candidate' introduction I got from hostess Joan Cauthorn.

State Rep. Steve Farley (D-LD28), and Pima Supervisor candidate and Arizona Democratic Party official Donna Branch-Gilby were also there.

Udall talked about energy, water, global warming, civil liberties and other issues. He voted against the patriot act, and Bush/Cheney's Iraq war.

Udall winning a seat in the Senate is part of a critical strategy for Dems to reach 60 Senators.

Mark's cousin, Tom Udall, is running for an open Senate seat in New Mexico. The Udalls are working together in southern Colorado and northern New Mexico with a slogan, 'vote for the Udall nearest you."

I urge everyone in Colorado and New Mexico to support Udall for Senate.


Roger said...

I am getting very worried about the Democrats big plans for green energy. Traditionally, even "liberals" have always ignored the desert beauty. I can't tell you how many liberals I have heard who seem to have no problem plastering the public lands in the desert southwest with miles and miles of solar developments and wind turbines. While we should be using this energy, it should be going on rooftops and other previously disturbed areas. I am rather shocked how few environmentalists are not talking about the threats "green" energy have on the biodiversity of the desert. Both Hillary and Obama, not to mention McCain are planning to ruin our deserts with these kneejerk political reactions to global warming. Global warming is real. Alternative energy is a great thing to be persuing, but we should not jump the gun and agree to these vast proposals to alter our deserts with destructive green energy projects. Why are there no environmentalists posting opinions on the threats of green energy? Let's not play dangerous politics with our desert. If we stop all carbon emissions tomorrow, we still will not stop the shift we have caused on the climate. So let's slow down and start talking about green energy that will not trash our deserts. How about a post on your blog about this?


Daniel R. Patterson said...

My plan is for true energy independence by making more power where it is used, in cities. SW cities have huge potential for rooftop solar, and even small wind.

My family and I make most of the power we use from the rooftop PV solar system on our house downtown. If a lot more people did this, and a lot more would like to if they could and were helped, we could revolutionize our urban energy system.

Bulldozing our fragile and scenic desert public lands for 'green' energy power plants is a bad idea I cannot support. There simply are better options.

In addition to harming the desert, distant utility-scale projects will spark more industry demands for huge powerlines across the landscape to carry the new power. Powerlines have their own big environmental problems.

A final concern is that just because a huge 'green' energy project is built, doesn't mean Big Energy Corp's old dirty coal and other global warming pollution power plants are taken off-line.

New green energy is great and we need it, but without getting off the coal we are only reducing the rate of rise of global warming pollution, not cutting it 80% below 1990 levels by 2050, as science is showing us we must do.