Monday, February 25, 2008

Nuts like Lutz are why GM melts as earth warms

Head-in-the-sand Republicans like Lutz do GM no favors with rude global warming denials

DETROIT -- With no apparent understanding of scientific consensus, General Motors fat cat Bob Lutz foolishly continues to call global warming a 'total crock of shit.'

Of course, Lutz is wrong, but what is not a total crock is GM going broke and cutting US workers because GM offers too many lame gas-guzzling SUVs and trucks people don't want. GM's demise is as certain as global warming related climate change.

I'd call for a boycott here but car buyers are already avoiding GM, instead buying more efficient Toyotas.

Here in Tucson, our family just bought a Dodge truck because it offered the most efficient (and powerful) clean diesel engine we power with biodiesel. The equivalent GM truck wasn't even considered because it is such a fuel hog.

As Earth, our only home, continues to warm and change climates due to our pollution, dinosaurs like Lutz and GM will melt along with the ice caps.

GM should reprimand and/or fire Lutz for his ignorant and reckless comments against our collective future.

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