Monday, February 04, 2008

Obama fires up Pima County, Arizona; vote Tues.

Obamas: Barack for President, Michelle for First Lady

TUCSON -- On a cool rainy day, Michelle Obama, Barack's wife, held a great rally downtown this afternoon to a standing room only crowd in the beautiful Fox Theater.

Congressman Raul Grijalva introduced Obama to a rowdy crowd.

Obama gave a confident and passionate speech about the constant 'moving bar' used by the powers that be to try to keep people down. Many in the crowd clearly could relate.

Obama also had a strong and positive focus on education, children and Iraq. There was lots of loud cheering, applause and many standing ovations.

I was honored to have a seat on the stage behind Obama, as a candidate for the Arizona House, with other VIPs. Elected officials there in support included F. Ann Rodriguez, Ned Norris, Jr., Richard Elias, Adelita Grijalva, Tom Prezelski, Nina Trasoff, Karin Uhlich, Steve Leal, Regina Romero and Rodney Glassman.

This was a strong political rally that charged up many in southern Arizona to vote and work hard for Obama.

Tomorrow is Super Tuesday, the most important day so far in this election year. If you haven't already voted early, be sure to vote tomorrow if you live in Arizona or one of the 21 other states holding primaries.

Maybe I'll see you at the polls. Volunteers and I will be working some precincts in LD29 getting signatures and $5 Clean Elections donations.

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