Monday, February 18, 2008

State of AZ turns 96 as Capitol makeover planned

Arizona's Capitol area needs more love

PHOENIX -- Arizona's birthday, aka Statehood Day, was Thursday, (also Valentines Day -- love you, wifey). We are now 96 years old as an official state. Our state centennial will be in 2012.

Architect Will Bruder makes a case for restoring and improving the Capitol area. I've been thinking about this because I'm wondering where I can live within walking or bike distance to the Capitol when elected to the House this fall. I've looked around some and it's pretty bleak, especially if you need affordable housing.

Phoenix is America's 5th biggest city, and AZ is becoming one of the biggest states. We can and must do better around State Capitol.

Bruder (and ASU) have some good ideas, but good luck getting much state money for them during this financial crunch, which should be the #1 daily priority of Legislative leaders right now, not the piles of frivolous bills getting priority.

Arizonans are prepared to elect a new Democratic majority to the State House this year. We will get down to business to help people and build bridges to solve problems, not follow the Bee/Weiers GOP failures of divisive politics and time-wasting.

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AZW88 said...

AS long as schools are build using assinine guidelines from the Schools Facility Board I oppose any efforts to expand or replace the capitol building.... Unles they too are built using SFB guidelines......