Monday, March 24, 2008

Cheney: 'So?' on 4000 dead, 2/3 of US against war

Cheney: 'So what?'

WASHINGTON -- As Bush's failed Iraq war enters its 5th year, the 4000th US soldier was killed on Easter (with perhaps a million or more Iraqi civilians dead) and at least two-thirds of Americans against the war.

What does callous Dick 'go f*ck yourself or I'll shoot you in the face' Cheney say about Americans' concerns? 'So?'

To many Americans, it appears Congress' weak response on Iraq is the same as the VP's response to the failed unpopular war: 'so?'.

For more of the same costly careless warmongering for the next 100 years, vote McCain.


Ron K. said...

I am a veteran, I have been a registered Republican for 30 years, and I want the public to find an ethical, legal means to remove Mr. Cheney, an inhumane Coward, from office.

Anonymous said...

Indeed If Mr. Cheney commented in this callous fashion...he would qualify as being inhumane and a coward. I prefer to believe my son's service as a US Marine would have more meaning to leaders in our government.