Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Obama best, must beat Clinton's hype and attacks

Time for some smart Obama 'Chicago tough'

TUCSON -- So the battle for the Democratic nomination for President goes on. Clinton's negative '3am phone' attacks, a page from the Karl Rove campaign book, seem to work against scared, less smart voters.

I also have to wonder how many Texas Republicans came out to vote for Clinton, as encouraged by talk radio hosts and others, because they know she'd be easier for McCain to beat in November.

Obama remains ahead and in charge in this race, but he must fight harder against Clinton's negative attacks, which she will increase, and perhaps start talking more about her problems during her '35 years' of politics. I don't buy her claims that she has more real experience essential to being President.

Given Clinton's unapologetic support for the failed, deadly and budget busting Bush/Cheney Iraq war, I don't think she'd be a wise commander in chief that could re-build America's burned out reputation world-wide.

Bottom line for me: Clinton is not electable as President because of her divisive very-high negatives with tens of millions of voters. These negatives may not be fair, but they are real. Clinton cannot win the White House. Obama can win, and I'm confident Dems will figure this out and Obama will eventually win the nomination.

Obama must stay positive in tone, while making the case he's qualified and more electable, and tactfully pointing out Clinton's tainted.

If Dems don't get this right, and Hillary gets the nomination, say hello to President McCain and at least four more years of Bush/Cheney type GOP destruction wrapped in the flag with our name on it.

One way out for the Dems, Clinton could become Obama's VP pick.

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