Monday, March 24, 2008

Patterson addresses US military and Pima Dems

USAF's Barry M. Goldwater Range in SW Arizona

TUCSON & PHOENIX -- I spoke tonight to the LD27 Dems, our neighbors to the west, about my campaign for State House in LD29. Thanks to chairman Jim H. for the invite, and everyone for listening and asking good questions, and hopefully volunteering for our clean campaign.

As a Tucson Planning Commissioner, I also appreciated City Councilwoman Karin Uhlich being there to talk about long-overdue critical city-county water planning.

Tomorrow, I will be a speaker for PEER at the National Military Fish and Wildlife Association annual meeting in Phoenix. The topic is environmental laws and DoD natural resources management, an issue important to Arizona I've worked on for years.

On some military installations, primarily Air Force and Navy air ranges and some Marine bases, DoD does a pretty good job at protecting wildlife habitat. The unique aspects of closure to public entry and the readiness mission create special dynamics, challenges and opportunities for DoD environmental conservation.

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