Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Gov. wise to resist GOP attack on public funding

'Arizona may need that money', says the Gov.

PHOENIX -- Governor Janet Napolitano (D) is right to resist a greedy push by Republicans in the State Legislature, primarily to aid big corporations, to cancel an agreement for property taxes to return to 2005 levels.

During this starved time for state and education budgets, Arizona needs to go back to the property tax system we recently had, at least until the economy improves.

I'm a family man and homeowner, and appreciate the need to keep taxes down. I can especially relate to this today, tax day, as I see how my modest income is taxed too much, especially by the feds, as many big corporations pay comparatively little. It just isn't fair. I'm sure many of you reading this agree.

I'm not a big taxer, and I'm not fooled by this thinly-veiled attempted give away mostly to fat cats at society's expense, and you shouldn't be fooled either.

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