Sunday, April 06, 2008

Low education, addiction to urban sprawl hurt AZ

Urban sprawl McMansions: future slums of Arizona?

PHOENIX -- Arizona ranked last in the US last year for growth of the average person's income.

The Grand Canyon State is suffering from an addiction to development, urban sprawl and real estate sales, as well worsening problems due to an undereducated population.

Over-reliance on too high sales taxes also hurts Arizona when the economy takes a dive, like now.

We must diversify our economy and support stronger education. Leaders should start with cutting expensive and damaging subsidies to developers, and investing more in schools.

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shrimplate said...

As gasoline prices increase commutes to and from the "outer asteroid belt" exurbs will become prohibitively costly. More foreclosures and abandoned homes, erosion of the property tax base, loss of sales taxes to local governments... not good.

Yet we are pondering highway expansion.

The Republicans in the AZ Legislature are a fine example of what happens when education is neglected.