Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Napolitano should veto bad AZ immigration bills

Immigration law is a federal matter, keep local police out of it

PHOENIX -- Two bad bills should be vetoed by the Governor.

On Monday, the Arizona Senate gave the final stamp of approval to unwise HB2807. The bill is now on its way to Governor Janet Napolitano’s desk where she has the choice: require all Arizona police and sheriffs departments to enforce failed federal immigration policies, or veto it. She should veto HB2807.

Another bill, HB2359, would allow Sheriffs to enter in to enforcement agreements with the US Dept. of Homeland Security without County Boards of Supervisors approval will likely be approved by the legislature this week and be sent to her desk as well. Pima County has objected to this, and Gov. Napolitano should also veto HB2359.

When I'm in the State House of Reps, I will not support anti-immigrant legislation, continuing my long record of compassion and humane fair solutions.

It's unwise and inappropriate to have thinly-stretched local police officers and deputies trying to enforce failed federal immigration policy, and it would badly damage already weak relationships between police and many communities in Arizona.

Time is limited. the Gov. needs to hear from you this week asking her to veto HB2807 and HB2359.

- adapted from Border Action Network

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