Friday, April 11, 2008

Neighborhood preservation plan returns to council

Neighborhood Preservation Zone is a good idea the council should fully embrace

TUCSON -- I am proud to serve south side Ward 5 and the entire city on the Planning Commission, as appointed by Mayor and Council. We are working on the Commission to try to protect and improve quality of life as our city grows.

Related to that work for the common good, I helped lead an effort at our meeting last week where we took some important actions with unanimous support of all Commissioners.

First, we sent to Mayor and Council a plan to replace the city's ineffective and little used Historic Preservation ordinance, which badly needed updating.

Second, we sent back to Mayor and Council our original Neighborhood Preservation Zone proposal that would help neighborhoods citywide, if they opted to use it.

This NPZ plan has been well vetted, and makes sense. The Planning Commission believes the Mayor and Council should move to adopt it.

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