Tuesday, April 29, 2008

No sales tax hike for car-centric transportation plan

APS lobbyist Marty Shultz wants to raise your taxes to further subsidize urban sprawl

TUCSON -- Recently some Maricopa County developers, corporations and other big money men are saying Arizona should raise our already high sales taxes to pay for more roads.

I say no, and so should you. The road tax would push sales taxes close to 10% in Pima County, and over 10% in at least one metro Phoenix city. That's too high. High sales taxes hurt lower income people the most.

I'd have more confidence we'd see a more balanced approach to transportation if road-fanatic Victor Mendez was replaced at ADoT. The sales tax plan Mendez and the money men want would give over 600% more funding to roads over mass transit.

I strongly support improving transportation, but sales tax is not a fair way to pay for it. With fuel prices and global warming air pollution going up, Arizona needs much more investment in transit alternatives.

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