Tuesday, April 01, 2008

No welfare sports deal for Rockies' Marana plan

Rockies and Dbacks could share TEPark

UPDATE, 4/2: Baseball biz group wants to raise already high local sales taxes to further subsidize pro baseball. I like baseball, but cannot support this approach.

TUCSON -- As our schools, city and county struggle with huge budget problems, the Colorado Rockies baseball team wants us to pay for an entirely new urban sprawl stadium north of Tangerine Road in Marana.

No thanks.

If the Rockies don't like Hi Corbett Field any more, they should help pay to improve it or move to TEPark, a newer good facility also home to the Arizona Diamondbacks that county taxpayers already paid a lot of money for. There should be space there for the Rockies with the White Sox gone.

We have a lot of pressing needs in Pima County, and shoveling more scarce public funds to never-satisfied rich baseball corporations is not wise or in our best interest.

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Jim Hannley LLC said...

Daniel, what a great way to familiarize with your blog. Thanks for taking the time to write me about my opposition to the Sports Authority.