Friday, April 25, 2008

Scientists eager for Bush era of interference to end

Dropping science: Bush/Cheney legacy is political interference with scientists in Interior and other agencies

TUCSON -- More coverage on the type of public-interest work I do with PEER to try to protect scientists from political interference.

I also have a letter today in the Arizona Daily Star about how Bush/Cheney energy failures threaten Arizona.

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Anonymous said...

These are good points about Bush. Let's remember that "green" energy will require transmission lines as well. I am concerned that whoever wins the next election will want transmission lines through some just as pristine areas to support corperate green energy. As you know, the proposals to blanket the Mojave and Sonoran Desert's with solar will be just as bad as transmission lines for coal fired plants. Talk rooftop solar. Talk solar in old mines and aggricultural fields. Keep massive solar farms OFF of pristine public lands. We can not trash the Earth to save it...