Saturday, April 12, 2008

Solar power at Nellis air base offers plan for D-M

Solar PV panels help power Nellis AFB

LAS VEGAS -- Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ8), Tucson Mayor Bob Walkup (R) and others recently went to Nellis Air Force Base in the Mojave Desert of southern Nevada to inspect its 140 acre, 17 megawatt solar power system.

I applaud them for investigating solar solutions.

Hopefully officials at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson will wise up and finally start embracing a solar power system for D-M.

Solar power for D-M is a wise solution I proposed a while back as a much cleaner and more intelligent energy option than the polluting trash incinerator the Air Force is considering, and seems to still be pushing over solar.

Let's all hope the dirty trash incinerator idea is killed soon, and help D-M go solar. D-M is fully within legislative district 29, and I will continue to support base sustainability when elected to the State House of Reps.

Producing clean renewable energy from the sun protects our natural and national security, especially with smartly located PVs on rooftops or on already significantly disturbed land.


Anonymous said...

Nellis solar farm covers a lot of open desert. The success of this solar farm has contributed to the permits applications for miles and miles of solar instalations all over the public lands of the Mojave Desert in southern Nevada. I hope these politicians know that some of us do not want to see our deserts platered with these unsightly green energy ventures. There are unique plant and animal communities that will be lost forever if we plaster these farms all over the Earth to save it. Rooftop and other disturbed areas should be looked at.

Daniel R. Patterson said...

Anon. makes an important point. I and many other conservationists favor solar PV systems on rooftops and disturbed lands.

Highhd said...

However, If the gound mounted systems are in the already cleared bone yard of the base then wouldn't you rather see the solar than the dusty planes??