Sunday, April 27, 2008

TUSD board votes Tues on closures; Love family

Aerial view of South Tucson

TUCSON -- As part of a family party and pro-schools rally Saturday by 'Save Ochoa School', I spoke about support for education to a big crowd of people outside Ochoa School.

Tuesday evening, the TUSD board plans to decide the future of Ochoa and 3 other Tucson elementary schools. I favor keeping neighborhood schools open and improving them.

The Tucson school closure proposal controversy is a local example of a big statewide problem. The Arizona Legislature must do a better job funding education.

A personal family note. Today is my wife's birthday, so everyone wish Jeneiene a good birthday and many more. We are celebrating. I love her.

I also thank my Dad and Mom for visiting us this week. Ruby's class did a great play, 'Out in the desert', on Friday.

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