Monday, May 05, 2008

Bush BLM not keeping word to protect monument

Henri Bisson of BLM's DC office

UPDATE, 5/9: BLM is finally getting ready to move. More news on it here likely next week. Check back.

TUCSON -- Despite a public promise to better protect the Sonoran Desert National Monument from off-road vehicle abuse, the US Bureau of Land Management's Washington DC office has been sitting on a proposed protective order from Arizona BLM staff for four months with no action.

BLM DC's failure to move to protect the Sonoran Desert National Monument should have everyone questioning if the agency is truly ready and willing to protect the National Landscape Conservation System.

Below are messages sent to BLM's #2 man Henri Bisson today, and Apr 2 on behalf of PEER.

May 5: Henri -- What is going on with the huge delay?

Why has this been stuck in BLM's DC office with no action for 4 months?

Please let us know by tomorrow when we will see BLM action on this big threat to the Sonoran Desert National Monument.

Apr 2: Henri -- BLM's promised move to protect part of the Sonoran Desert National Monument from ORV damage is now 3 months late, and the daily damage from reckless off-roading continues on the SDNM.

Why is this stalled in DC and what is the reason for the delay?

When will the protective order be published?

PEER and others want to support BLM's promised move to better manage the SDNM, and help with restoration and monitoring.

The scenic and fragile Sonoran Desert National Monument is within US Rep. Raul Grijalva's AZCD7. Off-road vehicles and livestock production are top threats to the monument.

BLM is a US Interior Department agency that controls more public land than any other agency in the US.

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