Thursday, May 08, 2008

I'm for Obama, but why should Clinton quit now?

Know when to fold 'em

TUCSON -- I voted for Sen. Barack Obama and have been actively supporting his campaign for President. I'm glad to see him starting to pull away after winning North Carolina and coming very close in Indiana.

I also agree with Obama's classy statements that when and if Hillary Clinton drops out of the race is entirely up to her. She has earned that respect and right.

Imagine if you had worked so hard on the campaign of your life. You wouldn't drop out until the end was certain. Even though it's looking very likely she can't win the nomination, in politics and much of life, 'it ain't over 'til it's over'. We may not be used to long messy primaries, but this is what democracy looks like.

Although I wouldn't be surprised to see her quit soon, as long as the negative campaigning stops, Clinton staying in the race should not hurt Obama.

I do have one concern, it's being reported today that Obama will declare victory May 20. I understand his desire to do so, but if Clinton is still in, rushing to declare victory could be a mistake that would spark a harmful new fight Democrats don't need.

Democrats and Obama supporters, let's follow Obama's lead and focus on beating McCain, not beating up on Hillary Clinton.


Jeneiene said...

The democrats'ability to beat McCain is precisely why almost everyone is pressuring Clinton to drop out. The more this needless fight drags on, the more time McCain has to bolster his image and support. Why do I say it's needless? Because even if Obama wins the all the last states in the primaries he will still not have enough delegates to win the nomination outright. The 'superdelegates' at this point are the name of the game, not the continued primary fight.

I voted for Obama as well. I even talked to our soon to be six year old about how strong Hillary is and what a brave woman she is who deserves our respect. But, she needs to gracefully back down for the good of the party and the impending battle against McCain.

Michael Bryan said...

Yup, that's it. So the General election can being and Democrats can focus their messaging on McCain and persuading persuadable voters instead of fighting each other.