Friday, May 09, 2008

More bad McCain political land deals for his pals

McCain money man, Tempe-based developer Steve Betts

PRESCOTT -- First it was John McCain's political favors involving national public land and Don Diamond in Pima County.

Arizona conservationists have known about and fought McCain's scams for years. But now there is new national news about McCain pushing National Forest land deals to benefit rich Scottsdale doctor and public lands hobby rancher/developer Fred Ruskin, and wealthy developer/big McCain campaign contributor Steve Betts and his SunCor Corporatation, to enable the huge controversial Yavapai Ranch development which threatens open space and the Verde River in northern Arizona.

McCain helped Fred Ruskin, doctor/developer/hobby rancher, make a killing by privatizing high value Forest Service land for him

Development and urban sprawl doesn't just happen, sometimes it happens on your public lands that were privatized for friends of uncaring DC-insider politicians like John McCain.

Don't believe the hype and spin. John McCain is no 'good government maverick', he's just as corrupt as most in Washington, perhaps even more so.

RELATED NEWS: More McCain land scam aid in Las Vegas for Del Webb Corporation.

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