Sunday, May 25, 2008

Napolitano named in Obama's top 5 VP options

Obama/Napolitano 08?

PHOENIX -- Governor Napolitano is named in the top five of possible VP picks for Barack Obama in a Detroit Free Press article.

Governor Bill Richardson of New Mexico is also on the list.

I'd be surprised to see Janet be the VP choice, but you never know. She could help Obama win Arizona, which is do-able if the Dems want to fight for it. John McCain failed to get a even a majority of GOP voters here to back him in the Arizona presidential primary election Feb 5.

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Jeneiene said...

I wouldn't be suprised at all. I know you keep saying that Obama doesn't need a VP to carry AZ because presumably McCain has it, but it's not about who can help grab what state at this point. It's about appeasing the pissed off Hillary supporters who want a woman by any means neccessary. Janet would do that quite nicely, and she's a much better candidate than Hillary could ever be. And, maybe Janet could be prez someday. I could get behind that idea. Go Janet!!