Friday, May 23, 2008

Napolitano should veto anti-environment SB1264

Karen Johnson (R-Mesa) pushed SB1264 for off-road vehicle lobbyists

UPDATE, 5/27: The Governor vetoed this bad bill today. Thank you!

PHOENIX -- Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano should veto the Legislature's unneeded and reckless SB1264.

Arizona already has nearly endless roads crossing our public lands. This unwise over-broad bill is likely to just create confusion rather than open up bogus RS 2477 so-called 'roads' to off-road vehicles as its proponents would like to do, but it is a bad message, and could block or slow down efforts to protect our public lands from damaging off-road vehicle abuse and related crimes.

SB1264 would also harm wildlife habitat, hunting and fishing opportunities, and increase fire risk, as most fires start along roads.

SB1264 would also hurt private property rights as seen in a Colorado case involving these types of rights-of-way.

Some provisions in this bill could disturb some of our military bases as well, which is why the US Marine Corps base in Yuma opposes SB1264.

Time for our Governor to stand up for the public-interest again by vetoing the unsupportable SB1264. Please contact her now at azgov(at)az(dot)gov and ask her to veto SB1264.

The passage of outrageous waste-of-time bills like SB1264 is yet another example of the need to 'clean House' this fall and elect new legislators and a Democratic majority.

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