Saturday, May 03, 2008

Off-roading and ATVs hurting more kids in Arizona

Child badly injured in ATV wreck

FLAGSTAFF -- Off-road vehicle related injuries are on the rise in northern Arizona, much like the rest of the nation, and sadly, children are often the victims.

From the Arizona Daily Sun: 'Children as young as 2 have been admitted at FMC for ATV accidents, Ashland said.

'One doctor says a child too young to drive a car shouldn't be allowed to operate an ATV, and that parents should just say no.

"I just notice there's a lot of surprise to the parents" of injured children, said pediatrician Mike Sokoloff, who works in FMC's intensive care unit for children. They say, "You know, I didn't think these things were that dangerous."

ORVs also create big air pollution and related health risks, as the LA Times recently reported about Clear Creek CA.

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