Thursday, June 12, 2008

AZ Legislature right to oppose excessive Real ID

In a rare show of unity, the Arizona Legislature sticks it to Bush/Cheney/Chertoff on Real ID

UPDATE, 6/18: Gov. Napolitano signs bill to keep AZ out of feds' Real ID.

PHOENIX -- I salute the Arizona House of Representatives for agreeing with me and voting 51-1 yesterday to pass a bill that would block Arizona from participating in the Bush/Cheney administration's 'Real ID' program.

If Governor Napolitano signs the bill (HB2677), Arizona will become the 10th state to reject Real ID. If she vetoes it, the Governor is almost certain to be overruled by a two-thirds vote in the Legislature. She could also let it become law without her signature.

I don't blame the Governor here. The feds have been bullying and threatening states over Real ID. Now that the Legislature has so strongly rejected it, the Governor should go along.

The costs, and threats to privacy and civil liberties, from Real ID are real and big. Congress should step in and repeal or fix Real ID.

We need secure IDs, but Real ID is excessive and un-American.

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Dana said...

Thank you Arizona. Real ID is a real attempt to keep minority voters from the polls.

John McCain and women. Just not a good mix.