Monday, June 23, 2008

Bush Interior censors report on wildlife and politics

Bush and his Interior Secretary Kempthorne keep up assault on nature and open gov't

WASHINGTON -- A large portion of an Interior Office of Inspector General evaluation of federal wildlife programs has been blacked out prior to publication, according to Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER). Even data tables have been excised from a report on Endangered Species Act implementation, with cutouts so extensive that the core section of the report is virtually unreadable.


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Anonymous said...

Secretary Kempthorne gave this year's commencement speech at San Gorgonio High school, from where he once graduated. A local newspaper article (S.B. Sun) lauded his appearance, and all the great things he's doing in DC. I responded to the article by pointing out that Mr. Kempthorne inherited a scandal-ridden Department. He made specific promises to clean up the ethics problems of the U.S. Department of Interior and return it to an ethical bearing. Recently, he has backtracked on nearly all these initiatives, and it appears to be business as usual under Mr. Kempthorne.