Monday, June 09, 2008

Conservative but likable AZ Sen. Jake Flake dies

Franklin 'Jake' Flake, 1935-2008

TUCSON -- Jake Flake, Arizona State Senator from Snowflake, died Sunday at age 72.

Mr. Flake was a very conservative Republican rancher. As a progressive Democrat, I didn't agree with him much, but whenever we talked about environment, agriculture, water and natural resources issues facing Arizona, I always appreciated his experience, viewpoint and attitude.

I liked that Jake was the type of man who could usually disagree without being disagreeable.

My respect and condolences go out to Mr. Flake's family and friends.

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buy4 said...

Since you are a liberal Democrat, I would definitely not agree with you about anything but your opinion of Jake Flake. I hope you are half as likable, so I have some hope for you.