Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Democracy attacked by hackers on campaign site

Vote Patterson in the LD29 primary July 31-Sept 2

UPDATE: Patterson for State Rep campaign site is now back up.

TUCSON -- Our campaign website was attacked by hackers overnight.

It seems someone may be worried we are running a popular leading campaign and winning broad support, and has attacked us in this cowardly way.

This dirty attack will only strengthen our resolve to win this race for the common good. We're in to win, to solve problems, help people and build bridges for change.

Hacking our site is an illegal assault on free speech and democracy, making it impossible for voters to get detailed information on our positive clean campaign.

We call on all candidates in the LD29 race to immediately denounce the hacking of our campaign site.

We are working to fully restore our site and improve security, and will continue to offer campaign coverage here.

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