Friday, June 20, 2008

McCain protested in AZ for serving big oil lobby

Arizonans take on McCain's bad energy ideas DRP photo

TUCSON -- I joined a spirited crowd late this hot afternoon protesting at Sen. John McCain's (R-AZ) downtown office.

McCain's dirty energy politics were the focus of Arizonans' challenge of their Senator. Many Arizonans passing by signaled their support for the protest.

Despite record profits for big oil, McCain has offered them $3.8B in tax cuts. In 2007, McCain was the only Senator to miss a vote on the energy bill repealing taxpayer subsidies for big oil.

McCain opposed halting tax breaks for wealthy big oil & gas corporations. He also voted against a temporary windfall profits assessment on big oil, and using the funds to offer tax credits to working families suffering from high fuel and energy prices.

Bush/Cheney and McCain's push to stop protection of America's fragile and scenic coastlines, and start drilling for oil, is reckless and will not reduce fuel prices.

On energy, a huge issue that affects us all, McCain really is more of the same.

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