Thursday, June 19, 2008

Napolitano should veto unneeded abortion bills

Rep Bob Stump (R-D9-Peoria) fights family planning

PHOENIX -- The out of touch Arizona Legislature is at it again. While the Grand Canyon State heads toward shutdown as critical budget problems are not being solved, the GOP leadership prioritizes pushing unneeded and unwise abortion bills, which Gov. Napolitano should veto.

As a family man with a wife, daughter and sister, I favor holistic family planning as an alternative to reduce abortions, as do most people. Strong family planning programs prevent unwanted pregnancies and abortions, but too many people in Arizona don't have good access to these essential options.

It's simply unacceptable that many anti-choice lawmakers fight both proper family planning and any abortion rights, instead insisting on failed 'abstinence only' programs. This is a fringe position that ignores reality and the views and values of most people.

I cannot support heavy-handed political meddling on tough personal medical issues that should be between women and their doctors and nurses.

One of our State Reps in district 29, Linda Lopez, voted against bad bill SB 1048. LD29's other Rep, Tom Prezelski, did not vote.


Anonymous said...

No wonder Bob Stump is single. Who would want such an anti-woman jerk?

Jeneiene said...

Thank you very nice husband for your vasectomy. More men should opt for this and make the lives of their partners a lot easier.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Furher more, if one is not willing to step up and support a child a woman is forced to have against her better judgement-both financially and otherwise, one shouldn't get input in the decision making.

Anonymous said...

If I'm getting an abortion I want a doctor present, not just a nurse. If there are complications, what then? That's a pro-woman position, not an anti-woman position! Pro-choice Democrats should have supported this, but they were blinded by partisanship. Not smart.