Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Patterson for Rep endorsements growing (D-LD29)

John C. Scott backs Patterson for State Rep in district 29

UPDATE, 6/16: John C. Scott's formal endorsement: 'To the Voters in Legislative District 29:

'As a former Democratic State Senator in Arizona, and as a long-time political talk show host on Tucson radio, I endorse Daniel Patterson for the Arizona House of Representatives.

'Mr. Patterson has the commitment, knowledge and ability to be a great lawmaker.

'In this large field of candidates, Daniel Patterson stands out as a qualified leader.

'I ask you to join me in my support for Daniel Patterson for the State House in district 29. -- John C. Scott

TUCSON -- I'm proud to report that lots of people, including leaders with long and respected southern Arizona political histories, are backing our positive clean campaign for State Representative in district 29 on the south and southeast sides.

Today, I received the endorsement of John C. Scott, the respected and influential political radio show host and former State Senator who broadcasts from a studio on the south side in LD29.

The John C. Scott Show is "the most talked to, talked about, listened to talk show" in southern Arizona. Nationally acclaimed PBS Satirist Mark Russell calls John C. Scott "the Conscience of Tucson". Broadcasting The John C. Scott Show since 1990, John regularly interviews elected officials, foreign policy and Middle East experts, reporters, religious leaders, and Presidential Candidates. John C. Scott has broadcast live from the Arizona Legislature, Israel, Vietnam, China, and Mexico City. John started his radio journalism in Tucson the 1960s, and has also served as a news anchor for several television stations.

Since day 1, I've been endorsed and strongly backed by Elaine Richardson, retired State Senator/Rep and member of Governor Napolitano's cabinet who is also a long-time respected community figure and businesswoman. Elaine lives near downtown and is the Hon. co-chair of my campaign for the Arizona Legislature.

I'm proud to also be backed by Pima County Constable Colette Philip, former State Rep Carmine Cardamone, southern Arizona labor leader Jim Watson, long-time south side neighborhood leader Albert Gallego, my family and hundreds of other long-time and new Tucsonans.

I'm honored they recognize me as a leader and the best qualified candidate with a proven record of public service in Tucson -- a family man who will solve problems, help people and build bridges for change.

We are awaiting more likely endorsements from other influential groups and leaders. Thank you!

UPDATE, 6/11: Today the Patterson for State House campaign was approved by the State of Arizona for full clean elections funding. Big thanks to all our supporters!

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Addison said...

The movement is growing.

John McCain seems to be out of the loop.