Monday, June 09, 2008

Protect AZ's Freedom takes on Connerly initiative

Divisive Maricopa County attorney Andrew Thomas, at left listening to Sheriff Joe Arpaio, chairs the anti-opportunity effort

TUCSON -- Saying 'Arizona is better than this,' a broad coalition of Arizonans opposing the Connerly anti-equal opportunity ballot initiative has scheduled press conferences in Phoenix and Tucson for June 10 and 11, to reveal deceptive signature-gathering tactics expected in Arizona.

Phoenix Press Conference: Tuesday, June 10, at 11:00AM, Lawn outside Arizona State House Chamber, State Capitol Complex.

Tucson Press Conference: Wednesday, June 11, at 1:30PM, Pima County Courthouse, 115 North Church Ave., Downtown Tucson.

"Arizonans are honest, independent people who follow the rules," noted PAF Chair Kyrsten Sinema in announcing the Press Conference. "It's important to let citizens know about the underhanded tactics used by California's Ward Connerly in other states, including lies, deception and the use of out-of-state petition circulators with criminal histories."

"We demand that Ward Connerly steps up, answers some questions and provides assurance that his team will operate by the high standards we expect in Arizona," Sinema concluded.

- from PAF


Jeneiene said...

I'm intriqued, but this post doesn't explain the what the initiative would do.

Daniel R. Patterson said...

I added a link to a news article that gives more perspective.