Saturday, July 19, 2008

4 day week could save money & energy, help staff

Bill Bell and his staff at the AZ Dept. of Administration are investigating schedule options

PHOENIX -- I appreciate that Gov. Janet Napolitano (D) is considering a 4 day work week for state employees. This could save money, cut traffic, pollution and energy use, and also help employees and their families.

Pima County and the City of Tucson should also consider the '4-10' schedule option. This is not a new idea. The State of Utah is already doing it, many other states are considering and fed agencies have had this option for years.

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AZW88 said...

I like the idea of the 4/10 workweek, as long offices/services are not cut back/shorted. In fact, it could lead to offices being opened longer, making accessing services open to those of us that work regular work hours and find it difficult to get to state and county offices.

As an employee of a county entity, I would jump at the chance for a 4/10 schedule!